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The Northwest Health Services Coalition was developed to bring together regional healthcare organizations and responders to prepare for emergencies together.

We are currently funded by a Federal Grant known as Hospital Preparedness Program.

Northwest Health Services Coalition est. 2002

Coalition Mission

The Northwest Health Services Coalition mission is to serve as a resource for local and regional partners through collaboration, guidance, leadership and support by promoting sustainable planning, training and exercising.

Regional Demographics

* 13 counties with a population of approximately 200,000

* 15 hospitals

* Half agricultural and half forested

* Border North Dakota and Canada

Regional HVA Key Findings

1. Weather event

2. Power outage

3. Civil Unrest​

Planning and Response Objectives

* Identify training and exercise needs

* Identify and capitalize on regional strengths

* Collaborate with other regional partners

* Facilitate information sharing

* Promote situational awareness

* Facilitate resource support

* Facilitate the coordination of incident response actions

Coalition Business Structure

* General Coalition members meet in a centralized location twice per year

* The Advisory Committee meets up to ten times per year and is represented by hospitals, mental health, EMS, public health, emergency management, clinics, tribal public health and long term care.

* Decisions are made by consensus of those present

* The Coalition Charter defines business procedures


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